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2nd Annual Coastal Emersion Women’s Gathering

This year’s theme is “Raising the Vibration.” Women all over the world are finding their voice and speaking their truths. Collectively we are raising the vibration of the planet. We are asking for more kindness and compassion. We are demanding fair wages and respect in the workplace. We are literally changing the world we live in!


Join me for this beautiful day to embrace the feminine, raise your vibration so that you can go and be part of the change that is happening in the world around you.

This gathering is a day planned with you in mind. To nurture you, educate you, allow you to explore your hidden talents and a place to heal old wounds. Magical transformations occur at Coastal Emersion. The connection with other women leaves you feeling supported and connected in a way that brings up new ideas and possibilities and allows you to be more present and compassionate in your daily life.

Your Coastal Emersion ticket includes:

  • A day in a beautiful lodge setting nestled in the woods near the beach

  • A delicious organic, gluten-free, dairy-free lunch

  • Five amazing speakers

  • Interactive workshop activities for self-exploration

  • Meeting new friends and connecting with like-minded women

  • Opportunities to meet inspiring authors

  • Handmade items, essential oils, and jewelry, available for purchase, made by amazing women

Get your tickets today. Early bird discount if purchased before March 1, 2018, using promo code VIBE2018

It gives me great pleasure to announce our presenters for the second annual Coastal Emersion workshop. These talented and gifted women will come together and share with you and evoke in you a sense of unstoppable joy and energy that will carry you out into the world to in turn share your special gifts to create change for all. Come join us! Let’s make magic happen!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Amy Magella Gigena

Amy Magella Gigena is the author of the award-winning book, Heartlight: A story about believing and becoming, becoming and believing. She will guide us on a metaphoric journey through the discovery of the truest self. Using the themes of her book, and the vibrations of believe-become and become-believe, we will explore our individual stories and how they impact our path in life. As we take this journey to the self and back, we will explore the value of our own heart light, being true to the truest version of our self, and how we can emerge from our personal labyrinths as Heartlight Warriors.

📷Amy Magella Gigena is a health advocate, author, and visionary consultant. She is certified as an Integrative Health Coach, with a degree in psychology.  Once, entrenched in Corporate America, she now follows her own true path raising four kids and motivating others to find the truest version of themselves. Her next book, Mama Food Bear's Guide to Healthy, Healthier, Healthiest will be available in the Fall of 2018. As a Health Coach, Amy is passionate about helping her clients find the balance of mind/body/soul with conscious, clean eating. She values the timeline of a person as a pivotal starting point. Guided by her adventurous spirit, she believes that being true to the authentic self is the ultimate journey of life.

SPEAKER - Yuri McGaha

Yuri is going to take us on an exploration of Ayurvedic medicine and raise your vibration through food and herbs. Her passion for food and herbs will take you to a new level of appreciation for the way you nourish your body. She will have you explore the five natural elements, the six tastes, and help you discover what your Dosha is.

📷Yuri is an experienced Wellness Coach and owner of Second Wind Wellness, based in NW Portland. She holds certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as the Ayurveda Healing Institute. In her case, her first and most important client turned out to be herself. Struggling with her own issues of weight gain, adrenal fatigue, skin issues, and more, Yuri healed herself and experienced her personal renewal, or “Second Wind.” Yuri’s healing modalities include Ayurveda, an ancient yet powerful mind-body health system from India. In addition, she uses the powerful, energetic vibration qualities of foods and herbs as medicine for optimal health and wellbeing.

SPEAKER - Sarah Dailey

Raising the Vibration into Self Love. Sarah will share her journey from pre-to-post pregnancy dance, and how it helped her become more at peace with herself, on and off the dance floor. Worries about appearance, judgments, careers, family or anything else, can often weigh us down, even unknowingly. “There’s a wonderful freedom in being present in one’s self without the worries that often seep into our daily lives. As someone who has experienced both the meditative and spiritual side of the dance, I give my whole self to the music and the moment. When you can truly share a story from within, it’s magical.” Sarah’s contagious passion will inspire you to discover and embrace your own magic.

📷Sarah Dailey is a seventh-year student of Classic Egyptian-style dance, Raks Sharki. What began as an alternative form of exercise, soon turned into a life-changing hobby. She continues to grow her dance skills by taking private lessons, attending workshops, and performing in and out of the local area. Her experience includes performing with a troupe as well as soloing. In addition to being a dancer, Sarah is a full-time resident of the North Coast and is a mother and Executive Director. She also enjoys animals, running, yoga, books, and travel.

SPEAKER - Heather Douglas

Through guided prompts, students will explore their past and identify pivotal narratives that shape their identity.  You'll need two photos from the past and pen and paper for this part of the experience.

📷Heather Douglas is an educator, writer, illustrator, and programmer for Women's Music at KMUN. She was recently awarded "Writer in Residence" through Astoria Visual Arts and is the author of three coloring books and a book of poetry. She is a regular contributor to Coast Weekend and Our Coast Magazine. She believes in the power of the written word and rarely passes up a perfectly made chai latte. She loves the Pacific Northwest but sometimes yearns to go back to South Korea--where she lived for three years. See more from Heather Douglas here.

SPEAKER - Denise Faddis

Catch and Release – Identify and Let Go of Energy that Lowers Your Vibration Denise will guide us as we review practical and productive ways to identify damaging emotions and thoughts before they can affect our mood and multiply. With viable lessons in awareness and presence, we will discover how to best identify daily triggers that lower our vibration, releasing them to make room for positivity, peace, and joy.

📷Denise Faddis is a multi-faceted entrepreneur that comes from the art, advertising, and publishing industries. She currently owns Space Studios, where she works with individuals and companies as a consultant, creative partner, and coach. Denise is also the co-author of Project 128 – a relationship workbook filled with fun, creative, sexy, heartfelt, and loving activities that are meant to bring couples even closer together. Her second book, that is a creative take on self-discovery through activities and more, will be available in Summer of 2018. Learn more about Denise here.

SPEAKER - Angela Sidlo

Angela will take you on a journey into aromatic plant medicine to access your limbic system or "old brain." She'll show you how to raise your vibration as a means to open up to the limitless possibilities of your inner potential and share your gifts with the world.

📷Angela has been a holistic health practitioner on the Oregon Coast for over a decade. She uses reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, and tai chi to raise the vibration of her community. Found out more about Angela here.

Get your tickets today. Early bird discount if purchased before March 1, 2018, using promo code


📷All of the proceeds from this event go towards empowering women through college scholarships, summer camp sponsorships and agencies that support women who have been victims of domestic violence.

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This is an event you won’t want to miss. An event that is talked about for months afterward. An event that last year’s participants can’t wait to bring their friends to this year. Become part of the higher vibration and find your true self. I look forward to seeing you there.

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