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5 Ways to Support Your Health and Happiness

Many of us did not expect that 2020 would be a year of sitting at home figuring out how we would maintain our health and happiness. Are you struggling to maintain your health and happiness?

The schedule change was a challenge for me in the beginning. The continuous unknowns we are facing with the pandemic are creating a lot of fear. Most of the country was forced to close businesses and stay at home. Although we are still dealing with a lot of unknowns we are slowly figuring out ways to move forward.

As you are working to figure out how to move forward there are steps you can take to support your health and happiness. Know that it is okay to have emotions during this. Allow yourself to feel things. There are steps that you can take to support yourself.

Set intentions. Take a moment each day to set an intention. By visualizing things that are good for your mind, body and spirit throughout the day can help you feel positive. Utilize a diffuser blend that includes May Chang, or Lemon to help increase your clarity and focus.

Get comfortable in the kitchen. Are you getting burnt out on eating the same meal every

day? Consider adding in a new produce item the next time you shop. You can check out

some of my cooking tips on the Waves of Change Wellness Facebook page. In case you missed it one of my favorite snacks is using a jar with hummus and cut vegetables. Hummus is an easy recipe to change up the flavor in by using different spices.

Old habits give way to new horizons. We have been limited in what we can do during this time so old habits may be slipping back. Recognizing this and reversing your pattern is what matters. When you catch an old habit popping up just stop remind yourself that this is something you want to change. Consider adding a daily affirmation.

Self love. Is so important. Making time to nourish yourself with loving attention is an essential way to connect with yourself on a deeper level and find lasting acceptance. Using a roller ball with essential oils of Rose or Jasmine on your wrist will invoke an energetic vibration of self love.

Exercise does not have to mean you have to be in the gym. Make a commitment to move your body for 30 minutes. Dance, walk or do a simple yoga routine. Doing simple joyful exercises each day reduce stress.

I created this as a page for you to print out. This can be a great reminder for easy steps to take.

This time can feel traumatic, it is okay to have emotions through this. Taking these steps can help to keep you grounded and moving forward.

As an integrative health coach I can support you through this time. If you are needing additional support consider booking a 30 minute session.

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