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9 Great Mindful Meditation Apps to Help you Meditate Daily

Have you tried to meditate and just can’t seem to clear your head no matter how hard you try?

Well, you’re not alone. With all the digital input we get and schedules to juggle it’s no wonder we have trouble dialing down.

It’s somewhat ironic that while modern technology can cause a lot of stress, there are downloadable meditation apps that can help guide you through some mindful meditations that will improve your day and your overall health and wellness.

You can choose from a variety of specific topics, such as sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, etc. or participate in an entire mindful meditation program.

Studies show that brain chemistry changes with regular meditation as well as a myriad of bodily functions including the central nervous system.

Make them a part of your daily routine. These apps can be downloaded to your device from the App Store for free. Some more complex programs offer a paid subscription, which can certainly be a worthwhile investment.

There are hundreds of meditation apps, so let’s look at some of the most popular ones and some of my favorites.

1. Headspace

Headspace has over eight million users and counting, including entrepreneurs such as

Richard Branson. The app teaches correct breathing techniques and guides the listener

through various visualization exercises and walking meditations. It is considered the best

meditation app for beginners.

Headspace offers a more intensive ten-day meditation program for a monthly

subscription of $10.00.

2. Mindfulness Daily

Meditation Daily offers daily 15-minute guided meditations and lessons on how to

integrate mindfulness into your daily life. The package is available for $37.00

3. Smiling App

This mindful meditation app is free. It is divided into age-specific categories, for younger

children, teenagers, and adults. There are also meditations specifically for sports and the

workplace. Each meditation has a number of daily sessions to integrate and expand on a

particular topic.

4. Meditate ME

Meditate Me® is brought to you by the National Bestselling Author and

Meditation Guide, Kelly Howell. This app is my hands down favorite! Meditate Me

features guided meditations layered with beautiful brain wave meditation music. Brain

Sync sound tracks harmonically layer theta and alpha binaural beats to bring balance to

your brain and deepen your meditation.

5. Aura

Aura works on a slightly different premise than some of the other apps. It sends you a

new meditation every day, so you don’t have to listen to the same one twice. The app is

personalized for you, according to age and specific mindful meditation interest on a

certain day. Different meditations for different moods. The app allows you to save the

meditation to listen to again.

6. Omvana

Omvana offers beginners, intermediary and advanced 20-minute meditations. There are

75 free meditations from which to choose. The downside is there is no guidance as to

which one might be best for you in a particular situation.

7. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is unique in that it actually explains the process of meditation, how

it works and can benefit you before you start to make use of the 30 free meditations. The

10-minute meditations revolve around breathing, kindness, staying

calm and nature sounds. The app tracks how often you meditate.

8. Calm

The Calm app has a number of soothing nature sounds, breathing exercises, relaxation

meditations and sleep-inducing “bedtime” stories to lure the listener to sleep. There are

16 meditations in all, each lasting from 3 minutes to half an hour.

9. The Mindful App

The Mindful App has options for everyone. It is a subscription app that can be

downloaded with free features.

5 guided meditations, relaxing nature sounds, and daily reminders are free. The

subscription also includes 20 meditation courses and 200 meditations specifically for

relationships, calmness, body and focus. The annual subscription fee is $59.00. 5 guided

meditations, relaxing nature sounds, and daily reminders are free.

With all the benefits of meditation, why not make it part of your daily routine? It will calm and relax your mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to dive deeper and learn more about Mindful Meditation you can join my online course at

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