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Hansen Family Wellness Warriors

As you all know I am always interested in asking people I meet, Where Does Wellness Begin?

Well I am very happy to say I found a family that not only began their journey to wellness but they are LIVING WELLNESS every day! Richard, Margarita and their two beautiful daughters, Briana and Mayra are living the dream on the north coast of Oregon. They moved here about 2 1/2 years ago from Dallas, Texas. Richard had battled mental illness and weight issues for many years. He was on a long list of prescription medications and not living a quality life. Margarita developed epilepsy and life was a struggle with eminent seizures. They knew they had to change something in order to get well again. This is where wellness began for them.

But wellness is a multifaceted gem and polishing it daily is part of how it begins to shine. The Hansen family began to explore many avenues. Among other herbal remedies, they use medicinal cannabis as part of that journey. They began cleaning up their diets and slowly moving to a more plant based style of eating. Now the whole family is vegan. Cooking is entertainment for the family and they read cookbooks like everyone else reads novels. They also added mindfulness practices like Tai Chi and Qigong. Margarita and Richard home school their daughters but getting out in the community to volunteer and give back is part of their connectedness. I refer to these types of activities as Primary Foods, all of the tings that "feed" you that don't come on your dinner plate. Family, Relationships, Joy, Finances, Love, Community and so many more.

All of this has given Richard back his health. He lost 160 pounds and Margarita has gotten her epilepsy under control so she can enjoy everyday things again and be hopeful about the future.

Part of home schooling is educating the girls about health and wellness. They regularly watch documentaries like FED UP, FORKS OVER KNIVES, and FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. The girls say they don't feel awkward when they are with friends who are eating chicken nuggets and drinking sodas, they just choose to put more nutrient filled foods in their bodies.

I'd like to thank Richard, Margarita, Mayra and Briana for sharing their experiences and being true WELLNESS WARRIORS in the community.

Listen to the interview and comment if you like it or want to share your story of wellness with me.

Contact me to work together one on one to get you to a Healthier YOU!

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