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What’s Happening with my Hormones?!!

Hot Flashes

Disrupted Sleep

Mood Swings

Excess Belly Fat

No fun! 

What’s the root cause? It's something called hormonal burnout...and it can wreak havoc on your female metabolism. Hormonal burnout can strike at any age, but it affects all women as they mature through menopause, and for many, even years earlier. It's caused by declining levels of estrogen and its partner-hormone, progesterone. 

Normally, they go up and down naturally like a see-saw. However, by age 35 as ovulation slows, hormonal burnout begins when 1) progesterone plummets, 2) then estrogen also drops quickly, 3) and fat gain around the middle kicks into high gear.


When hormonal burnout strikes, your menopausal metabolism becomes vulnerable to two dangers:

Danger #1) You become more sensitive to certain foods. The decline in estrogen hurts your ability to process carbohydrates. That's because estrogen helps your body manage blood sugar. So, less estrogen leads to higher blood sugar and higher blood sugar turns into fat, especially around the belly. Yikes! That's why an evening bowl of rice or potatoes can result in an extra pant size in the morning. Should you cut out carbohydrates completely? Absolutely not! That will stress out your metabolism even more and that leads to the next danger.

Danger #2) You become more stress-reactive once you're through menopause. Your stress-hormone cortisol spikes up to 74%. That's a real bummer since a woman's metabolism is already more sensitive to stress than a man's. But the drop in estrogen and progesterone makes matters even worse because they intensify the effects of your brain's "feel good" molecules - serotonin and GABA. Those molecules help you stay happy, relaxed, and sleeping well. They act as a shield protecting you from the damaging effects of stress. That means having a weaker stress shield, you're much more vulnerable to cortisol and here's why:

It can break down collagen in your skin, making you look five to ten years older,It can eat away at muscle and bone, making you soft, saggy, and brittle. Worst of all, it can act like a factory for belly fat.


Understanding how it all works is the first step to making some changes.

I have developed a 14-Day Hormone Balance Detox so you can regain control of seven key hormones that reduce these dangers and reset your metabolism. It allows you to develop your own eating style to create a sustainable balance for your hormones. You will learn to listen to what your body is asking for and how to make adjustments as your digestive system begins to heal and blood sugar stays balanced. It will give you tools to keep your liver clean.  Easy step-by-step menu plan, shopping list, and recipes provided.

Join hundreds of women who have already seen results from this easy-to-follow program.


Start 2018 off with more energy, better mood, no more sugar cravings, less weight, and with the support of others who share your goals and desires. You can do it!!

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