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Where does Wellness Begin? Part 2

Hello there Wellness Warriors!

I have been out and about and asking everyone I know, the question........Where does Wellness Begin???  I have had some very intellectually stimulating conversations and heart felt connections with people in my community. I hope you have started talking to people about wellness too.

My local  Street 14 coffee shop owner, Micha says wellness begins with that first cup of coffee in the morning. I can't refute that coffee does have some health benefits (in moderation). Stopping in at your favorite coffee shop also creates a social network that is part of that total wellness package.

My dear friend Dr. Jennifer File, who is a pediatrician, feels that wellness begins first as a mindset and then radiates out into the community with the activities and lifestyles based on that mindset. WOW!! We had a great conversation surrounding all the possibilities for wellness opportunities in the community with all that in mind. Make a conscious decision to practice wellness and see where it takes you.

Another colleague of mine, Leigh, a beautiful massage therapist who is just opening Prana Wellness Center believes that wellness begins in the heart. She thinks that wellness is a heartfelt experience that begins deep within. We must all feel that deep down it is worth it to make the time to take care of ourselves, to nourish our spirit and reflect that in the care we give to our bodies. Her wellness center can certainly help you with that. Get a massage, have some acupuncture, take a sauna or explore the salt tanks!

46 North Farm with Teresa Retzlaff
46 North Farm with Teresa Retzlaff

Preparing the soil for planting[/caption]

The crown jewel of my wellness exploration was a trip to 46 North Farm to see my sweet friend Teresa Retzlaff. As a farm owner and proponent of community supported agriculture she believes wellness begins in the soil. The very basis of where nutrients come from that feed our bodies. It's so important to have a connection to the earth to really understand where wellness begins. Love your farmers, support them at farmers markets and local coop grocery stores.

Preparing the soil for planting
Preparing the soil for planting

The farm was beautiful, just beginning to wake up to spring. The magnolia tree out front still had some big blooms on it. The herb beds were sprouting new growth and volunteer potatoes and onion plants were forging upward. The chickens scratched about, happily uncovering seeds and insects. The green house was full of organic starts headed to the local coop for spring gardeners to take home and plant. Peas, spinach, chard, parsley and every kind of lettuce you could want.

A BIG thank you to all my friends and community members for sharing in this discussion about where Wellness begins. I urge all of you to continue to explore wellness in your life and your community and let me know what you are finding.

Part three will be back in the kitchen to create some wellness in the form of STIR FRY FLAVOR BOMBS. You won't want to miss this so stay tuned!

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