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Take your personal or professional Reiki practice to a whole new level! (prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 training)

We are all energetic beings and the Universal life force energy of Reiki goes wherever it is needed in a Reiki session.


Given that information, applying the essential oils to the AcuPoints raises the energetic frequency and “calls” to the Reiki energy like a beacon to healing. The energetics of the oils are already in place and have initiated a healing response. Therefore, opening the door to allow the Reiki energy to flow alongside the energy of the oils through the meridians to the cells and receptor sites. I like to think of it as the oil on the point to be the key turning to unlock the door and the Reiki as the gentle breeze that pushes the door wide open to usher in healing.


AcuAroma Reiki can:

  • Assist in a deeper sense of relaxation
  • Resolve emotional discord
  • Support the release of transgenerational trauma
  • Offer more specific pain management
  • Lead to better self care after a session using the oils at home

AcuAroma Reiki Certification Course

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