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Come into Angela's Apothecary and explore the Aromatherapy products & blends using 100% pure essential oils. You will  find "true aromatherapy" with essential oils that have been sourced from trusted providers who know the industry.

I am a Holistic Aromatherapist and also the Oregon Director for the National Assn. of Holistic Aromatherapists. I teach Aroma Point Therapy classes across the US and Aromatherapy Foundations at the Oregon School of Massage as well as formulate essential oil blends for hospitals to use with patients.  I received my aromatherapy training with Jade Shutes from the East West School of Herbal and Aromatics and Jennifer Pressimone from Jennscents Institute. I have furthered my training with Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole in learning Aroma Point Therapy which I use in 1 on 1 sessions with my clients and teach other practitioners. The results are truly amazing!  I have been blessed to have found essential oils and their transformative effects on the body, mind and spirit. 

I can help you create your own holistic essential oil blends for health and wellness or pure relaxation. Book an appointment today and find out for yourself, the true healing power of aromatherapy. There are a variety of products available in the store as well. 



Aroma Point Therapy

Aroma Point Therapy is an innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of the fragrance energetics of essential oils with key acupoints in order to create profound changes in the body, mind and emotions. Utilizing light pressure with properly diluted essential oils on specific acupuncture points can dramatically enhance your body’s ability to heal.

Imagine being able to support your body on all levels in the most engaging and elegant ways.

As an aroma point therapist, I’ll help you discover a bridge to your own healing through logical and intuitive ways of knowing; fostering confidence on your healing journey.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”


- the Dali Lama

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