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Full Moon Wise Woman Circle

Tuesday November 8th 6-7 pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Suggested donation $10 

Celebrate the full moon and honor the feminine. Anyone who identifies with the feminine is invited to participate. There will be meditation, inspirational readings, time to share thoughts and feelings, drumming and dance. This is a place to honor feminine energy and mother earth, a safe place in the face of unsettling times, a place for you to be yourself and find what wants to come forward from your “inner knowing”. Feel free to bring a drum or something to place on the alter. This event repeats each month on the full moon.


Please email to RSVP

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Aroma point therapy fundamentals for bodyworkers

LIVE - in Person Class 2023 class dates TBD 9-5:30 both days 

Cost: $425

Join Angela Sidlo, for a virtual course designed for all holistic Bodyworkers including Reflexologists, Reiki Practitioners, Energy workers, Aromatherapists, Yoga Instructors, Occupational therapists, Hospice workers, Physical therapists and Acupuncturists  Sign up HERE

Aroma Point Therapy is an innovative, gentle hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with key acupoints in order to create potent changes in the body, mind and emotions. Utilizing light pressure with properly diluted essential oils on specific points can dramatically enhance your healing arts practice. 

Reiki Treatment

Aroma Point Reiki certification

Next Course Group Opens January 22nd, 2023 with a LIVE class and supported in the online school on Teachable

Cost: $395

Experience the vibrational energy of Reiki paired with the fragrance energetics of essential oils together in this course. This is a certification class for anyone who is a reiki practitioner, aromatherapy enthusiast, massage therapist or has had energy work. You will learn what essential oils align with the chakras, various acupoints for moving energy in the body and self care rituals to keep your own energy balanced and flowing. There will be 3 ZOOM classes following the LIVe class where you will learn protocols that you can take home and start using right away. We will also cover essential oil safety, ethics and building your APR business.


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FREE menopause success masterCLASS

Join Angela Sidlo for a candid discussion about Menopause and the Wise Woman Journey,    December 11th, 2022 @ 7 pm PST. 
She will share ways to reclaim your vibrancy and live the life you have always dreamed of with meaning and purpose.  sign up HERE to begin the journey of a lifetime!

Embark on the journey of the Wise Woman. As the founder of Menopause Success, I've developed this course to take you every step of the way to help you through this phase of your life and show you your pure potential in becoming the Wise Woman. We will discuss the Menopause Success Mastery program and each month's theme that allows personal growth and transformation. You'll be supported with meditations, worksheets, contemplative questions, interviews with experts in this community of like-minded women.


14 Day Hormone balance detox

Winter Detox Begins January 9th, 2023

Cost: $147

If summer indulgence has gotten you a little "off" & feeling tired, heavy & crabby, it's time to reset and get back on track. The fall 14 day hormone balance detox is just the right combination of great food and information to teach you how to create your own eating style along with a detox that supports healthy hormone levels. This detox is designed for women going through peri-menopause and menopause. There are fantastic recipes, shopping lists and tons of information & support. Weekly online classes and videos in the online school. Sign up here and get a fresh start.

“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright."


- Christiane Northrup, MD