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Full Moon Wise Woman Circle

Tuesday April 7th 6-7 pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Suggested donation $10

Celebrate the full moon and honor the feminine. Anyone who identifies with the feminine is invited to participate. There will be meditation, inspirational readings, time to share thoughts and feelings, drumming and dance. This is a place to honor feminine energy and mother earth, a safe place in the face of unsettling times, a place for you to be yourself and find what wants to come forward from your “inner knowing”. Feel free to bring a drum or something to place on the alter. This event repeats each month on the full moon.


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Menopause Success - A guide for perimenopause and beyond

Saturday May 2nd 3-5pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Cost: $40

Join Angela Sidlo, Menopause Success Coach for an afternoon of diving deep into the ins and outs of perimenopause. Find out why your hormones are so out of whack and proven ways to get them back in balance. Based on her bestselling book, “Aromatherapy for Menopause Success” she will explain key hormones, help you map out your symptoms and give you resources for testing and getting the answers you need for your journey to becoming a wise woman.


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Reiki Treatment

Aroma Point Reiki

Sunday May 3rd 1-4pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Cost: $50

Experience the vibrational energy of Reiki paired with the fragrance energetics of essential oils together in this class. This is an introductory class for anyone who is a reiki practitioner, aromatherapy enthusiast, massage therapist or has had energy work. You will learn what essential oils align with the chakras, various acupoints for moving energy in the body and self care rituals to keep your own energy balanced and flowing. We will do hands on treatments and you will learn protocols that you can take home and start using right away. We will also cover essential oil safety and ethical practices.


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Reiki Level 1 Training

Saturday April 25th 9am-1pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Cost: $100

Students will learn the basics of level 1 Traditional Usui Reiki from Reiki Master Teacher Angela Sidlo. Reiki Level 1 will teach you to tap into the life force energy of Reiki. You will learn hand positions for self reiki, the reiki precepts and how to incorporate Reiki into your daily activities for increased energy and vitality. A Reiki Level 1 will be performed for each student. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a favorite photo, gemstone or essential oil. Students will practice treatments on each other.


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Aromatherapy: A beginner’s Guide

Sunday April 26th  3-6pm @ 516 Summit Ave. Gearhart, OR.

Cost: $40

Immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy in Angela’s Apothecary home studio with over 150 different oils and learn how their therapeutic benefits can help you achieve health and wellness. Students learn the history of aromatherapy, safety guidelines and profiles of different oils. Twelve essential oils will be profiled as the introduction. It will also teach basic chemical profiles of each oil, therapeutic uses and basic blending techniques. Managing stress and anxiety as well as aromatherapy for health and wellness will be covered. Students will leave with products they have blended.


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“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright."


- Christiane Northrup, MD

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