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Monthly Membership Circle for the Journey of the Wise Woman


Celebrate the wisdom of you, your body, mind & spirit in communion with other women on the journey of the Wise Woman. This is a monthly membership to discover your potential on your Menopause Pathway. Learn new ways of being, eating, moving your body, opening your mind and creating meaningful relationships in your life. We meet monthly for a lesson using essential oils and acupoints. You'll get recordings, worksheets, affirmations, protocols and a monthly office hours for Q&A.

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ACuaroma therapy and the TCM Alarm Points


Cost: $497

Join Angela Sidlo, holistic AcuAroma Therapist and Acupuncturist and AcuAroma Therapist Joseph Carter for this 4 part series to explore the TCM Alarm Points. 

The Alarm points will serve as a guide to tap into what is going on in your body so you can respond accordingly with the Alarm point, balance point and essential to re-establish ease and calm in the body.


Each class offers 3 Alarm points in detail, 3 balancing points and the corresponding essential oils. At the end of the 4 part series you’ll have 12 Alarm points and 12 balancing points with essential oils to add to your wellness tool box. You'll also receive a certificate of completion. 

AcuAroma Therapy is an innovative, gentle hands-on method of deep healing on a body, mind, spirit level that aligns essential oils with key acupoints. Utilizing light pressure with properly diluted essential oils on specific points can dramatically enhance your healing practice as an embodied experience. 



LIVE WEEKEND RETREAT May 18 & 19, 2024   10am-3pm each day

Cost: $399

This class is for Reiki certified individuals and practitioners alike. Tap into your energy body and immerse in the world of AcuAroma Therapy and how to bring it into your Reiki practice to amplify results for your clients and create a niche in your field. Learn how to apply AcuAroma therapy before and after a Reiki session. Get specific protocols you can brand with your own business logo. By the end of the weekend you will be certified to not only bring AcuAroma Therapy into your practice but also teach it to others, creating a completely new income stream for yourself. Class size limited to 6. REGISTER NOW!

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menopause success masterCLASS

Join Angela Sidlo for a candid discussion about Menopause and the Wise Woman Journey,    Ongoing Webinar
She will share ways to reclaim your vibrancy and live the life you have always dreamed of with meaning and purpose.  

COST: $27 downloadable video with accompanying pdf

Embark on the journey of the Wise Woman. As the founder of Menopause Success, I've developed this course to take you every step of the way to help you through this phase of your life and show you your pure potential in becoming the Wise Woman. We will discuss the Menopause Success Mastery program and each month's theme that allows personal growth and transformation. You'll be supported with meditations, worksheets, contemplative questions, interviews with experts in this community of like-minded women.


14 Day Hormone balance detox

SIGN UP and get Fall, Winter & Spring Menus with lifetime access

Cost: $147

If you hormones and your life has gotten you a little "off" & feeling tired, heavy & crabby, it's time to reset and get back on track. The 14 day hormone balance detox is just the right combination of great food and information to teach you how to create your own eating style along with a detox that supports healthy hormone levels. This detox is designed for women going through peri-menopause and menopause. There are fantastic recipes, shopping lists and tons of information & support. Weekly online classes and videos in the online school. Sign up here and get a fresh start.

“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright."


- Christiane Northrup, MD

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