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This product contains a bundle of 36 different PDF's, PLUS bonus Earth Point Charts. Each one is a single page with a color picture of an Acupuncture point with the location on a human body. It includes the point name and the general point functions. It can be easily sent out and shared with your clients and patients. This is a splendid support for virtual sessions: Increasing patient and client compliance and your satisfaction in regards to safety and effectiveness with their at-home, self-treatments using aroma point therapy. You get unlimited downloads and can select each point individually as needed for your purposes.

Here is a list of the points:

Ear Shenmen,

Yin Tang

CV 6, CV 8, CV 9, CV 12, CV17

GV 4, GV 16, GV 20

LU 1, LU 7, LU 9

LI 4, LI 11

ST 25, ST 36, ST 40

SP 3, SP 9

H 3, H 7

SI 4

UB 3, UB 40

K 1, K 2, K 3

P 6, P 7

TW 4

GB 21, GB 34,

LIV 3, LIV 8, LIV 14

BONUS - a set of color charts of Earth Points for all Meridians! 4 Charts with 12 Points.

36 Key Acupoint Pictures for Aroma Point Therapy

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