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Finally, an aromatherapy kit designed to help you successfully lose weight! This aromatherapy Weight Loss Kit is revolutionary. It combines the power of essential oils with the science of weight loss. You will receive a 2 oz. Weight Away spritzer to make you feel full sooner and satisfied with eating less. Just spritz and breathe deep before a meal and see the difference. There is a Crave Free roll-on that gives you the power to reduce and eliminate cravings for sugar and carbs by balancing your hormones. And to top it off there is an Appetite Control inhaler to aid in appetite control and reduces anxiety around dieting and food restriction. It stimulates the body to feel full and satisfied between meals while supporting healthy digestion. This trio of products will give you the best aromatic support to eliminate cravings, balance hormones, uplift your mood and keep you on track to a healthy weight loss. All ingredients are 100% organic and pure.


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  • USPS Priority for a flat rate of $7.35

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