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 2 oz. Organic CoDistillation of Lemon Balm, Wild Rose, Chamomile & Lavender hydrosol. Each of these have beautiful calming properties that assist the nervous system to relax. It is an aphrodisiac, eases nervousness & mental strain. Eases heart pain. This beautiful blend will freshen up a room, set a calming mood, support the heart, ease grief and allow you to flow through life a more relaxed way.

Instructions: Add 1-2 teaspoons to a cup of hot or iced tea for a calming effect. Spray in a room, spritz bed linens, refresh your car or a pet bed. You can add this hydrosol to desserts or jellies. Add 2 teaspoons to sparkling water and sip with a slice of lemon.

CoDistillation Hydrosol 2 oz.

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