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6 Strategies to Boost Your Mood During Fall and Winter

Dreading the dark months ahead? I know I get a little nervous thinking of those dark days. It’s referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, it is important to boost your mood. Dealing with these mood shifts can be a real hormone disruptor as well.

I’m all about staying positive, having an upbeat attitude and in turn, keeping your hormones (yes the feel good ones) balanced. Below I have shared tips and tricks can help you manage your mood and increase your vibration as the days get shorter and shorter, thus keeping hormones balanced.

It’s an understatement to say there’s a lot going on right now: Everything likely feels pretty overwhelming to even the most optimistic among us.

That’s because many of the things we’ve grown accustomed to having in our lives to spark joy and reset are a bit harder to come by, whether it’s travel to see friends and family (with social distancing rules), or even just dinner out.

But you don’t have to go too far (or break the budget) to bring some much-needed satisfaction into your life right now, as we prepare for the cold dark months ahead. In fact, you probably have everything you need at home to help boost your mood, keep your vibes high and balance your hormones. Just try one of these uplifting strategies to help you find a little joy right now, and you may find that the long months ahead seem a little more manageable.

1 Get some early morning light

As the days get shorter and colder, seasonal affective disorder can be a real issue. You can help stave off the winter blues with exposure to sunlight. It’s really important to get sunlight, especially that early morning light. Just a 15-minute morning walk outside (even if it’s overcast) can help you improve your focus and mood. That vitamin D can also help boost your immune system. I highly recommend a vitamin D3 + K2 supplement 10,000 IU daily from October - March especially if you live in the pacific northwest where we can go weeks without seeing the sun. If getting out in the sun isn’t an option for you, purchase a light box. They help simulate natural light.

2 Engage your senses

Indulge in a little olfactory satisfaction. As an aromatherapist, I tap into my sense of smell every day. Having a diffuser in a room with essential oils not only makes it feel more homey but is also supporting your immune system. Try Ravintsara (Ravensara aromatica), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) or Saro (Cinnamosma fragrans) to boost immunity, uplift your mood and suppress airborne viruses.

3 Music & Meditation

Upbeat music and regular meditation can really help you feel better, so go ahead and put together a playlist of songs that can act as a pick-me-up. And choose a song that you love as your wakeup alarm. Get into the right headspace with meditation. Join my free Meditation Station to learn more or take it to the next level and enroll in my Mindful Meditation program.

4 Choose foods that boost mood & energy

You are what you eat! What you put in your body reflects outwardly as energy and vitality, so choose foods that are nutrient dense and give you optimal benefits. Staying away from refined carbohydrates, simple sugars and processed and packaged foods is the easiest ways to be uplifted and energized. If you are feeling like you need a good reset with your eating habits, join my 14 day Hormone Balance Detox in January and get back on track. It’s fun and easy and I’ll be there to do it with you.

5 Pet a furry friend

There’s a reason that so many shelters were cleared at the start of the pandemic—and you are probably still seeing a lot of new puppies or kittens in your neighborhood or your Facebook feed. If you want an instant pick me up, pet a dog or cat. “Everyone’s hungry for touch, and petting a dog or cat is such a soothing thing.” If you don’t have a pet to snuggle, head out for a walk—there are probably a few dogs being walked right now outside your door that would be happily give a tail wag and let you pet them.

6 Declutter effortlessly

Lots of research shows that better organization helps you feel happier at home, it also helps reduce anxiety. Go through your book shelves and donate. Search your closets for things you can let go of. Do an afternoon of Marie Condo organization or just pick one or two things each day to put in the donate box. Whether it’s filing a document or bringing your dirty coffee cup back to the sink. It doesn’t feel like it’s a toll on your energy or time, and it gets rid of a layer of clutter. That can be very energizing!

If you’d like to learn more ways to stay energized, healthy and enjoy balanced hormones, book a 30 minute FREE consultation with me or consider joining one of my self paced courses here, you are always welcome to reach out with comments or questions too.

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